Software as a Service

The directly operational cloud solution allows you to log into our own customer area via our website. We are always compliant to the common data privacy guidelines – thus you don't need to worry about your data.

Simple overview

We offer you perfectly tailored views so that you can always optimally monitor your containers, vehicles and routes.


Do you have your own system that you would like to use further? No problem – we can easily integrate the data via our interfaces. By default we offer an extensive REST-API for data exchange.

Dash Buttons

Order creation with a push of a button

A dash button is very easy to use: It is sufficient to press a button on the container and without a PC or mobile phone the emptying is requested.

Plug & Play

The dash button can be used flexibly indoors or outdoors and it is mounted very easily to every container.

Long battery life

Due to its minimalist Hardware and the new LPWAN technologies, the Dash Button consumes little energy and is maintenance-free for a long time. If necessary, the battery can be easily replaced.


Automated order creation

The binando sensor measures the bin level and the emptying is automatically requested when the bin is full.

Plug & Play

Our flexible solution allows easy attachment of Binando sensors to your various waste container systems.

Robust case and long battery life

The sensor system is extremely robust and the splash-proof housing optimally protects the sensors from external weather influences. With the well-tuned energy management, the sensors remain maintenance-free for a long time.

Further information can be found in our booklets. Currently they are only available in German.

Collection Containers booklet
Industry booklet


With Binando you use the possibilities of digitization!

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