Digital production hall for a better overview

Digitization of the building plan

You can easily integrate your existing building plan to scale into the Binando solution. The digitized building plan forms the basis for all optimizations.

Digitization of the routes

The routes in your production hall can also be digitised with just a few clicks. We would be happy to do this for you as a service. From now on the way is clear to bring more dynamics and automation into your processes.

Digitization of collection points

With just a few clicks you can assign the relevant collection points in your production hall to a location. Such collection points can be, for example, waste containers that are to be emptied regularly.

Industry 4.0 for more automation

Event triggering by dash buttons

Each collection point is equipped with a dash button. As soon as a container is full and needs to be emptied or a container is empty and needs to be refilled, a person presses a button on site, triggering an order and automatically scheduling it optimally.

Order management

You have access to a digitized order management system. This enables you never to miss an order. You can tell a collector directly at any time where a container urgently needs to be emptied or filled.

Data communication

For the data transmission from the dash buttons to the order creation for the collector, we can access different solutions. We have quickly found the right solution for you in direct dialogue with you.

Digital Route optimization for a better efficiency

Dynamic Route optimization

The orders triggered via the dash buttons are automatically scheduled by the intelligent software. The algorithms take into account, among other things, the distances travelled and the available capacities of the people or machines to be picked up, and forward the optimum sequence to the Binando App for routing.

Indoor Navigation

With the indoor navigation solution, your pick-up receives an augmented reality-capable navigation solution. Also here the daily work is clearly facilitated. We will be happy to advise you on the choice between indoor routing and indoor navigation.

Indoor Routing

With the indoor routing solution, your pick-up receives the support he needs on a daily basis. In particular, it makes the work of replacement drivers much easier and ensures functioning processes. Automated machines can also be controlled more intelligently.

Digital Analysis for better decisions


The dashboard provides you with the relevant information on one page; always accessible via the cloud. You can clearly monitor the currently placed orders for emptying or refilling, the calculated optimal routes and much more.

Interfaces and Export functionality

Binando works excellently with other systems. Using state-of-the-art interfaces, you can transfer Binando's data to other systems and vice versa. You can export your data at any time, e.g. to an Excel file.


Are you worried about getting important events too late? Not with the Notifications function. You can set up your notifications exactly according to your requirement profile, e.g. if too many containers have not been emptied or filled for too long.

Your Advantages

Take advantage of digitization and benefit from Binando.

Improve workflows

Improve workflows

People and machines in your production hall are only used when actually needed. This means that processes are not unnecessarily disturbed.

Simple overview

Simple overview

The Binando Dashboard is designed to be user-friendly. You enjoy a simple overview and administration of your containers, vehicles and routes.

Increase digitization

Increase digitization

A digitized production hall, digitized collection points and tracks are the necessary basis for further increases in the degree of digitization.

Our Aspiration

"We help you to digitize and automate your processes in the production hall."

Your success is our top priority. We already have extensive experience with the Internet of Things. We are well versed in the world of sensor technology, data transmission, artificial intelligence and the automation of processes through software. We have already successfully implemented our solutions for industrial companies. The size of your company or your production hall does not matter. When optimizing the waste processes in the production halls, we were able to reduce the effort by 2/3 and at the same time significantly reduce the risk of accidents at work. If you cannot find the right solution in our portfolio, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you, because our technology setup offers further potential for optimising your production halls. Let's shape the Industry 4.0 together.


With Binando you use the possibilities of digitization!

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