General process flow

1. Production hall is digitized

Binando offers you the possibility to digitize your complete production hall and prepare it for indoor routing and navigation. This can save you time and even complete vehicles in the factory.

2. Equipping with suitable hardware

For example, dash buttons can be supplied that can be attached to waste bins in the production hall, and pressed by the workbench operator when a bin is full. This creates an order to empty this container in the Binando system.

3. Dashboard

The comprehensive Binando web dashboard provides an overview of the complete Binando system. This means that you always have everything in one view, from automatically generated orders and tracking where your vehicles are currently located to the administration of future planned routes.

4. Data science

Binando has developed a routing algorithm that includes many variables to find the optimal route for all your vehicles. These variables are for example: Vehicle capacity, actual container fill levels and forecasts, driving times, empty times, etc.

5. Routing-App for the driver

Every vehicle in the production hall can always be sent to the right place for the next task via the Binando app, even indoors. This means that even new drivers will always find their way to the next job safely and no training time is required to learn the optimum routes in the production hall.

More Features

The Binando system is constantly developed further according to customer requirements and own ideas. Features already available today are:

  • Extensive documentation of orders (comments, pictures, history etc.)
  • Complete Routing Cockpit and detailed planning of each route for each vehicle every day
  • Integration into other, existing systems


Gain time

Gain time

You will enjoy a double time gain. We automate your processes and ensure that drivers spend less time in the production hall behind the steering wheel.

More safety through fewer vehicles

More safety through fewer vehicles

The on-demand solution of the Binando system makes it possible to save complete vehicles and thus increase safety in the production hall.


With Binando you use the possibilities of digitization!

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