General process flow

1. All containers are digitized

Binando helps you to digitize all containers that fall under your responsibility. Binando provides you with an extensive container management system so that you always know which containers are at which location. Typical types of waste from our customers are:

  • Glass
  • Textile
  • Organic waste
  • Cans
  • Electrical waste
  • Container for dog excrements
  • Paper
  • Residual waste
  • etc.

All containers can be equipped with a level sensor from Binando to obtain regular level data of all containers.

2. Data transmission

For Binando it is important that the data from the level sensors in the containers reach the Binando servers inexpensively and reliably. For this purpose, Binando currently offers GSM, LoRa and NB-IoT as data transmission. Depending on the location, it is decided which data transfer makes the most sense. Binando is always open to new communication technologies.

3. Dashboard

The comprehensive Binando web dashboard provides an overview of the complete Binando system. This means that you always have everything in one view, from the fill levels of the individual containers, through tracking where your vehicles are currently located, to the administration of the routes planned for the future.

4. Data science

Binando has developed a routing algorithm that includes many variables to find the optimal route for all your vehicles. These variables are for example: Vehicle capacity, actual container fill levels and forecasts, live traffic, driving times, empty times, etc.

5. Routing-App for the driver

With the Binando app in every vehicle, every driver knows where to go next. In this way, the special driver knowledge can also be digitized and made available to every driver. Binando also offers the possibility to see where the vehicles are in real time and to make further analyses with the driven routes.

More Features

The Binando system is constantly developed further according to customer requirements and own ideas. Features already available today are:

  • Comprehensive order management
  • Complete Routing Cockpit and detailed planning of each route for each vehicle every day
  • Communication between driver and disposition
  • Integration into other, existing systems


Gain time

Gain time

You will enjoy a double time gain. We automate your disposal and ensure that your employees will spend less time on the road.

Save fuel

Save fuel

With us, you can drive the optimal route and avoid trips to containers that are only half- or quarter-full. This will reduce your mileage.

Reduce CO₂ emissions

Reduce CO₂ emissions

You help to make the air cleaner and cities more sustainable and more viable. An economically valuable solution.

Our goal

"We want to help you digitalize your workflows and processes and thus make them more efficient."

We have already successfully piloted and implemented the Binando system in the areas of glass, paper, textiles, organic containers, industry and much more at large and global waste disposal companies and industrial companies. We would be happy to help you successfully master the transition to the digital age and to make your employees' day-to-day work more efficient with the help of digital devices. The Binando system has already relieved some vehicles and people and enabled them to take care of other tasks. We also want to continue to develop and offer tailor-made solutions for all sizes of business. Challenge us, we are looking forward to your individual inquiry!


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