Vision and Mission of Binando

Binando Vision

People and businesses around the world have the information and techniques to make the best use of and distribute our planet's resources.

Binando Mission

With the latest technological possibilities, we decisively improve waste management. In this way, we make a valuable contribution to more livable cities.

Binando Value system

The elements of efficiency, innovation, entrepreneurship and integrity shape our actions in the team, with our customers and with society.


These are the Binandos

Nikolaos Baltsios


Business & Operations

Moritz Pfeiffer


IT & Product

Mohammed El-Serougi

App Development

Christian Enchelmaier

Data Science

Yannick Frank

Business Development

Niklas Karoly

Frontend & Backend Development

Alex Kholti

Design & User Interface

Tatjana Krieger

Public Relations and Communications

Emanuele Semeraro

Data Science

Our story

"We are significantly improving waste management through the use of the latest technologies."

When we started to deal with waste management, we were surprised that so far very little digitization has found its way into the processes. And this in such a crucial industry for the human common good and for a sustainable use of the valuable resources of our planet. As experts in software, data analysis, and hardware, combined in the Internet of Things, we decided to become the leading solution provider for the digitization of waste management. We have decided to quickly bring more intelligence and efficiency to the processes and shape the future of waste management. In the meantime, a comprehensive system has been developed that is used both in the area of collection containers and in industry. Digital container management, fleet management, a route cockpit, route optimizations, smart sensors, dash buttons, level monitoring and other elements are part of Binando's portfolio.

We have already gained extensive experience with different types of waste and with disposal companies of different sizes. For example, we have already been able to support waste management companies in the collection of glass, textiles, paper and municipal waste in small baskets and underfloor containers. We have successfully implemented our solutions for global waste management groups, but also for large and small cities and rural districts.

We were also able to successfully implement our solutions for industrial companies. The size of the company or the production hall is irrelevant. By optimizing the waste processes in the production halls, we were able to reduce the effort by 2/3 and at the same time significantly reduce the risk of accidents at work.


With Binando you use the possibilities of digitization!

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