These are the Binandos

Nikolaos Baltsios Binando GmbH

Nikolaos Baltsios


Business & Operations

Moritz Pfeiffer Binando GmbH

Moritz Pfeiffer


IT & Product

Andre Eberle Binando GmbH

Andre Eberle

Frontend Development & Design

Mohammed El-Serougi Binando GmbH

Mohammed El-Serougi

App Development

Christian Enchelmaier Binando GmbH

Christian Enchelmaier

Data Science

Yannick Frank Binando GmbH

Yannick Frank

Business Development

Niklas Karoly Binando GmbH

Niklas Karoly

Backend Development

Alex Kholti Binando GmbH

Alex Kholti

Design & User Interface

Simon Kitzberger Binando GmbH

Simon Kitzberger

Frontend Development (Intern)

Tatjana Krieger Binando GmbH

Tatjana Krieger

Public Relations and Communications

Willi Schmidt Binando GmbH

Willi Schmidt

Data Science

Our mission

"We want to make cities greener, more efficient and worth living."

Highly motivated by their vision the founders of Binando immediately took action and contacted various experts from the waste management industry to learn more about the business. The goal was to find out whether the idea was accepted in the industry as well as generating value for their potential customers. In fact it turned out that the interest in such a solution was huge. The team immediately started to work on the product and acquired some large disposal companies as pilot partners to test the prototypes. The basis for building a succesful business model is the combination of the competencies of the founders Moritz Pfeiffer (Software Development + General Technology + Business Development) and Nikolaos Baltsios (Sales + Finance + Business Development) together with their partner EnBW.


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